What is a LIDAR scanner used in iPhone 12 series?

What is a LIDAR Scanner?


Hello, all this is Raju from Tech Geek and today in this article we will talk about the LiDAR scanner. 


Ever since Apple has launched the iPhone 12 series, people are going crazy for everything it offers. 


All the new camera improvements that series 12 has, will just bring revolution to the photography world Apple really makes me think, people no longer need professional DSLR and other professional photography tools in order to become a QualityPhotographer, just your iPhone is enough. 

lidar scanner

One such thing that improved the camera segment of the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max is the LiDAR scanner. 


I am sure not a lot of people know what the function is, or how it will enhance the photography experience. 


I bet some people don’t even know that iPhone 12 Pro series is not the first device to have it, as Apple already placed the LiDAR scanner in the recent iPad Pro but I felt like there was not much emphasis. 


But now, after the launch of the iPhone 12series, the LiDAR scanner is getting a lot of attention. But what actually is a LiDAR scanner and what exactly is its job? 


Let me tell you. LiDAR stands for Light Detection and Ranging. LiDar is also called Time of Flight scanner, and it uses light to determine the distance between two objects. 


It measures the time taken by a light source to reach an object and reflect. This is very much similar to the concept of how bats are able to see at night, but instead of sound, LiDAR uses light to measure the distance. 

iphone 12 pro lidar scanner

This is not a new technology; NASA is using it for space missions and for better weather predictions. 


It must be a real challenge for Apple to place such tech inside the latest iPhone 12 Pro series and iPad Pro. 


But still, the question is how will it help me? Apple said that it will help users in three ways:

1. In Photos and video effects

2. In the Environment/room scanner

3. In Precise placement of AR objects


First, let’s talk about photography, LiDAR scanners can map the environment and accordingly relay the information to the GPU. 


And since the sensor can work in the dark by shooting lasers, it could greatly improve autofocus which means better photos in the night with or without night mode. 

lidar scanner in iphones

This means more beautiful pictures including night Portraits even in very low light. Now let’s talk about the other two usages. 


Whether you are a fan of AR apps and use cases or not, you cannot deny that it is something very cool. It is something that has the potential to shape our future. 


Combining the new LiDAR Scanner, depth-sensing system, and ARKit 3.5 makes AR experiences more realistic on the 2020 iPad Pro & apple iPhone12 Pro models. 


Just because of the LiDAR Scanner, it is possible for devices that have it to make a quick assessment of your environment, enabling instant placement of AR objects in the real world without scanning. 


Imagine how cool it’ll be to play PokemonGo and other AR Games on iPhone 12 Pro series. And imagine the number of new and cool AR lens applications like Snapchat will bring to practicality With a better understanding of the physical space, and it will have a more realistic placement of AR objects. 


It’s not just about games, LiDAR can also capture a person’s body position, and movement in real-time will become more accurate. 


Now, isn’t this impressive. Just imagine what the app and game developers could build with this raw material. We are really looking forward to it. 


So this is it for this article. I hope you liked it, but if you still have any questions regarding LiDAR, don’t hesitate to ask me in the comments down below. 

Also Checkout the Apple Official site for More details about LiDAR Scanner.

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