The Complete Mobile Phone Buying Guide 2021

If you are confused about buying a new mobile or replacing the old mobile. So here is the Complete Mobile Phone Buying Guide to clear all your doubts. If you have zero knowledge about mobile phones, don’t worry. Tech Geek is here for you, we will help you to choose the best smartphone for you in 2021.


Nowadays Mobile phones have become a part of our life and without mobile phones, we can’t live comfortably. So this time we came with the Complete Smartphone Buying Guide in 2021 for everyone.


If you are trying to buy a new mobile phone (or) if you want to replace your old mobile phone with a new smartphone, then you may get some basic questions, some of them given below.

  • Do you really need a new mobile phone?
  • What are the parameters to consider when buying a new mobile phone?
  • What to look for in a mobile phone?
  • How much should you spend on a mobile phone?
  • How to choose an overall Best Smartphone for you?

 Let’s check out the answers to the above questions in this mobile phone buying guide.


Do you really need a new mobile phone?

You must answer this question before you buy a mobile phone, not only for these mobile phones but also for every product you purchase in your day-to-day life. And you have to ask yourself this question before buying any product.


We see the answer for this question in 3 perspectives, because we may see these 3 types of people in society.



Coming to the 1st type of people, If you already own a mobile phone, and it is in a good condition, then it is not a great deal for you, so try to save your money before spending it. And try to spend every penny wisely.



If you don’t have a mobile yet or your old mobile is not in good working condition, then you can buy a new Smartphone without any doubt, and this smartphone buying guide is for you. And you have to follow some measures to find out the best mobile phone for you in the present market.



If you are a Tech guy who always wants to use the newly launched mobiles in the present market, then it depends on your financial situation and it’s your personal choice to buy a new mobile or not!


Moving to the main part, mobile phones have some extraordinary features to help us, so it is necessary for anyone who wants to communicate with the world, learn anything, earn from the mobile phone, and entertainment, etc. And mobile phones are also a great distraction. 


Like everything in the world, mobile phones have some advantages and also some disadvantages. Read about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones here


If you find your needs for a mobile Phone then try to buy the best value for money mobile by considering the below factors.


Some Parameters to Consider (when you’re buying a new smartphone)?


The second thing you should consider when you are ready to buy a new mobile phone is to look at the mobile phone.


1. Performance (Processor)

“The Processor (or) System on Chip is just Like the Heart of the Smartphone


The major task of the processor or SoC is to process the inputs from the user and give the output for your command. Without the Processor, we can’t do anything on the mobile, and it is responsible for every task running on the smartphone.


The better the processor used in the device, the better the speed of the device. If you would like to choose the best processor for gaming, streaming, social media, and other tasks, then you have to choose the best chipset in the present market.


Some of the best Smartphone Processor manufacturers are Qualcomm Snapdragon, Apple bionic chipset, Kirin, MediaTek, Exynos, etc. If you want to know more about the mobile processors, then read our article on the Top 5 mobile processor companies list here


2. RAM and ROM

Random Access Memory (RAM) is like a memory for the phone. It’ll be helpful to try multitasking and to open the applications very quickly.


Read-Only Memory (ROM) is the storage capacity for your device if you store numerous things within the mobile you would like to settle on more storage i.e, ROM. So a minimum of 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB of storage is compulsory.


3. Display

We are spending numerous hours in front of the mobile screen. So you want to choose the simplest screen quality mobile, whether it’s an AMOLED panel or IPS LCD panel for your convenience.


Choose a minimum 1080p screen in any panel. If you want the 1440p or 2K resolution QuadHD screens then choose the flagship mobiles.


4. Battery

Smartphone technology has become more advanced but the facility supply is restricted. So you would like to settle on a battery with a minimum of 4000mAh Li-ion or Li-polymer battery.


In the future, we may see Graphene batteries be more powerful than Lithium batteries. Also, choose a mobile phone with fast charging which may be helpful to everyone.


5. Camera

So many folks are buying smartphones for the camera to capture good photos and videos. So you would like to settle on the simplest camera quality phone and best image processing phone. Not higher MegaPixel phones, they’re only for namesake.


6. Build Quality

The design of the smartphone is additionally vital and you want to consider build quality. Nowadays you get polycarbonate and glass bodies in the mid-range and budget mobile phones. If you want any metal frame with a glass body or ceramic body then you can pay more for that.


7. User Interface (UI)

If you would like a good user experience and clean UI you would like to settle on Apple in iOS or OnePlus in Android or any Android One mobile or Stock Android mobile. If you are planning to buy an android mobile then first Choose one option between the Stock Android vs Custom UI.


If you would like more options in the UI then you select a custom UI like MIUI, Color OS, One UI, EMUI, Funtouch OS, etc. Also know about Android vs iOS pros and cons here


8. Mobile company and Software Updates

And if you would like any branded mobile then you would like to pay more for them. And also choose the simplest mobile company for fast system updates.


Android one mobiles get fast updates. And here Apple has some special advantages in this brand value and also in software updates. Android mobiles also find some brands like Samsung, Huawei, Google Pixel, etc.


9. Age of the smartphone

Before buying the smartphone you would like to think about the age factor of the mobile phone, how old that phone launched within the market. Within today’s situation, many mobile companies launch their new mobiles every two months. So you would like to choose the recently launched mobiles.


Try to buy any mobile phone within 1 year of the launch date of that mobile phone, because after 1 year they become old and not get many software updates also.


10. Price to Performance Ratio

Last but not the least, the price is the major factor for purchasing the new mobile phone or any other device.


Whether you buy any mobile in the market, you must pay some money for the features so keep in mind before buying a new mobile phone, is it worth our money or not. 


What to Look for in a Mobile phone?

There is no such mobile with all the best features in all segments, one mobile has an advantage in one aspect and another mobile has an advantage in another aspect, you must choose between the 2 mobile phones, which feature in the mobile is more important and necessary for you. 


If you are a heavy gamer then choose the best Processor (SoC) mobile with good battery life and fast charging and sufficient RAM.


If you watch more videos on Mobiles or always using video streaming apps like YouTube, Amazon prime video, Netflix then chooses a mobile with the best display that is a minimum 1080p AMOLED panel and good battery life.


If you multitask like office work then choose a mobile with better SoC and more RAM and storage with great battery life and fast charging. If you are a YouTuber or blogger or freelancer or any online businessman then choose the best display as well as Processor and RAM for multitasking and also good battery life.


If you are a famous person or celebrity then try to use secured mobile phones like Apple iPhones.


How Much Should you Spend on a Mobile Phone?

It is a major question for everyone who wants to buy a new mobile phone, the answer to this question depends on your mobile phone usage and also financial status. 


If you are a student or any other graduate without minimum income then try to buy the budget and mid-range mobiles, because they offer the best value for money specifications at a very low price. If your financial situation is good and you are doing well in your field then you can choose between value flagship mobiles and flagship mobiles. 


If you want more details about this question then check out How Much should we spend on a mobile phone? By Tech Geek. So don’t waste the money and spend every penny on useful things.


How to Choose an Overall Best Smartphone for You?

If you find answers to the above questions related to mobile phone needs, and money spending on a mobile phone then try to choose the best phone from the categories like budget or mid-range or flagship mobiles based on your money. Read more about mid-range mobiles vs flagship mobiles here


In each category, every mobile has its own advantages over the others. Try to find the best mobile with suitable features for your needs and then buy the mobile.


Conclusion: Mobile phone Buying Guide

If you find answers to all the above questions then you are ready to buy a new mobile phone. And try to consider the parameters mentioned above in your new mobile to get the best value for money and also great satisfaction in buying the mobile phone.


Even if you have zero knowledge about Smartphones, you will definitely gain some knowledge about smartphone buying guides by reading this article. And I hope you will choose the best smartphone for your purposes.


Hey, if you want to give any suggestions to the Tech Geek, then comment down below.

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