The Complete Laptop Buying Guide 2022 India

This Laptop buying guide 2022 is to help the people who want to buy a new laptop in 2022, but don’t know which one to choose. This Guide will completely help you to choose the best laptop for your purposes in your budget.


Before we go into details of this laptop buying guide, you must know your preferences on what to do with a laptop i.e., your usage of a laptop. The usage of laptops is varied from person to person, but there are mainly 3 different types of laptop users in this world, they are given below.


1. Light Usage Laptop Users

This Light Usage category consists of some simple tasks like everyday usage on Web surfing, social media, watching movies or streaming online, checking e-mails, and some minor tasks for small office works and online classes, etc.


2. Medium Usage Laptop Users

This Medium Usage category consists of some tasks like office work, normal day-to-day tasks, light gaming, and light editing purposes, running software and this type is majorly useful to students and professionals, because many of the College students may use some software tools for learning purposes and some projects in laptops.  


3. Heavy Usage Laptop Users

Coming to the Heavy Usage category, this type of laptop is mainly helpful for content creation i.e., Video editing, Photo editing, Heavy Gaming, running high-end software like Photoshop, and heavy performance tasks.

complete Laptop Buying Guide

Performance of Any Laptop Depends on:

If you are going to buy a new laptop, then you must think about the performance of that laptop you want to buy. Because anything we do on a laptop majorly depends on its Performance to run the tasks we are given to the laptop.


The performance of any Laptop is based on 4 major things, which are given below.

  1. Processor
  2. RAM
  3. Internal Storage
  4. Graphics Card

We are going deep into each aspect below.



First Choose Your Budget For a Laptop:

Price is the first and major thing to decide first, before buying a new laptop, mobile, TV, or anything. So first Choose Your Budget (Price) for a laptop you want to buy. Then select the best laptop for your Price i.e., the Best value money laptop.

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Then go through the below-mentioned 10 things to choose the best laptop in your Price range.


Top 10 Things to Consider for Choosing the Best Laptop:

These 10 things are helpful to choosing the best laptop from any price point of view. Whether it is a 30K Budget laptop or a 60K gaming laptop.


1. Processor (or) Chipset



Any small or big task in a laptop is performed by the Processor. Processor means processing the Raw data and giving us the desired output from the machine (laptop). If your laptop processor is more powerful then the performance of that laptop will be doing be good for every task.


There are 2 major chip manufacturers for Computers and laptops in the present market, they are Intel and AMD. Both of them are manufacturing good enough chipsets for the computers and laptops right now.


INTEL Processors:

Intel has mainly 4 series of Processors based on the Price and specifications. They are Intel core i3, core i5, core i7, and Core i9 chipsets in the market. Also, Intel manufactures some low-end Processors, they are Intel Atom, Intel Celeron, Intel Pentium. Try to ignore these low-end Processors in 2022, because they can’t give you good performance on your laptop.


Intel processors are very famous in the computer Processor industry for many years, and also their Processors give a decent performance in every price range. And try to choose the latest generation in any chipset you’re choosing.


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AMD Processors:

AMD is also providing great Processors in the budget after they launched their new Ryzen Series Processors. Before that, they had AMD A-series, but now AMD Ryzen Series is more popular and powerful in computer and laptop Processors of their higher performance at lower prices.


AMD Ryzen processors also have 4 Series, they are AMD Ryzen 3, Ryzen 5, Ryzen 7, and Ryzen 9 chipsets in the present market. And Ryzen chipsets are more powerful as well as more power-efficient, and so many gamers are now using these Ryzen high-end chipsets for building PCs or in Laptops. For Best AMD Ryzen Processors ⇒

laptop buying guide 2022 india

2. RAM (Random Access Memory)

Random Access Memory (RAM) is mainly useful to open the apps quickly and store them in recent apps for quick access. Try to choose the latest version of RAM Type i.e., DDR4 or new DDR5. Choose minimum DDR4 RAM for better multitasking, ignore DDR3 RAM in 2022.


If you want to Know More About DRAM & DDR SDRAM, then read our article here.


And also cache plays a key role in opening the apps and software, so try to choose more cache in your budget. More RAM means better multitasking. So try to choose more RAM in your budget. Majorly we have 4GB, 8GB, 16GB RAM present in laptops based on their prices and specifications.


If you want to buy a laptop for light usage purposes then 4GB is enough for you. If you are a heavy gamer or video editor or running heavy software then choose a minimum of 8GB RAM and you can choose up to 16GB also in your price range.


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3. Storage (or) ROM

Storage is also a major thing to consider in a laptop, because everyone has something to store in a laptop like files, documents, software, videos, photos, and some large files like movies, etc.


If you are a person who stores many things on a laptop, then try to choose more storage laptops. Choosing the perfect measure of storage limit with regards to your computer or laptop relies upon extra room space and speed of storage.


Commonly laptop storage has 3 types, they are HDD, SSD, and SSHD. Let’s discuss them one by one.


HDD (Hard Disk Drive):

HDD is a normal storage hard disk in any computer or laptop. It is a normal storage drive and the cost is less compared with SSD, so they can provide huge HDD drives like 1TB or 2TB HDD storage on some laptops. The performance and speed of HDD are decent but are not as great as SSD drives.


If you want to store so many files and not to do heavy tasks using large files and performance is not a matter to you, then HDD is good for you. To Know the prices of HDD Storage →


SSD (Solid State Drive):

SSD storage is less in amount, but speed is 10 times faster than HDD storage & it is 5 times costlier than HDD storage.


This SSD storage type laptops are mainly useful for

  • Who wants better performance on a laptop?
  • Faster boot time
  • Don’t need more storage in their laptop
  • Doing heavy work using large data files more than 1GB (Easily transfers the files)


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SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive):

SSHD means a combination of both SSD and HDD, in the above 2 cases, you must compromise between great performance or more storage. This SSHD is an option for you to choose storage for both performance and more storage.


This SSHD comes like 1TB HDD + 256GB SSD or 1TB HDD + 512GB SSD, etc on some laptops & computers.


4. GPU (or) Graphics Card

Graphics cards are a must in computers & laptops for high-performance tasks like gaming, editing, running heavy software, etc. These graphics cards are majorly two types, they are given below.


Integrated Graphics:

Integrated graphics means the Graphic card is included in the processor itself. This integrated graphics is not as powerful as dedicated graphics cards, but now the companies are giving decent integrated graphic cards like AMD Radeon Vega Graphics. These integrated graphics are majorly seen in low-level laptops.


Dedicated Graphics:

Dedicated Graphics cards are majorly useful for heavy performance tasks like gaming, video editing, etc. This Graphic card is similar to RAM, in the specs sheet. And the company mentions the size of the graphic card like whether it is a 2GB or 4GB or 8GB dedicated graphics card.


Nvidia and AMD are 2 major companies providing dedicated graphics cards in the present market. Also, read our article on GPU Buying Guide 2022

laptop buying guide

5. Display & Size

Display and size also matter a lot for those who watch movies, and for those who travel more with their laptop. You must choose a minimum of  1080p or Full HD + screen in 2022. And the display size also matters in traveling, etc.


Display size depends on your preferences, choose between 13 inches or 14 inches, or 15.6 inches. If you quite often along with your laptop then try to buy a small size display.


6. Battery & Fast charging

Battery plays a key role in every electronic gadget because, without a good battery backup, there is no sense in using a laptop or any other gadget. A bigger battery means more hours of usage. So try to choose a laptop with good battery backup and also fast charging.


A minimum of 5 to 6 hours of battery backup is good on any laptop. And fast charging makes a big difference in your usage, because of the fast charging, the device can charge very quickly and you can use it for more time than normal.


7. Build Quality

Build Quality also matters for those heavy users and also for travelers, because they use the laptop in various conditions and sometimes it also falls into the ground.


And also choose all the ports you want to use on your laptop, and the cooling also matters a lot for heavy performance. So choose a laptop with a good cooling fan. If you are buying a gaming laptop then choose a good cooling system for your laptop.


Speakers also play a key role in watching movies or streaming video content online. Pick a laptop with stereo speakers for good sound performance. In recent times we all are using these laptops for online classes and video conferences, so having a good speaker on our laptop is a nice thing to say.


8. Operating System

The operating system or OS is the main thing in any laptop because the OS can control the hardware in a laptop and also communicate the other software and hardware.


It lets you contact your software on your laptop, and it is a bridge between you and your laptop. The operating system can manage all the hardware, software, files, documents, and memory present on your laptop.


This operating system (OS) in computers & laptops are mainly 5 types, they are discussed one by one below.

  • Windows 

It is the most often used operating system on any computer or laptop. Windows is also a great user-friendly OS in the present market. Almost every common man is using this Windows Operating system because of its wide range of popularity and easy user interface.

  • Mac OS

This Mac OS is present in Apple laptops they are known as Macbooks and iMac, and we all know about the Apple ecosystem and it is the most secure OS and smooth performance OS.

  • Chrome OS
  • Linux
  • DOS


9. Upgradability

Anyone who wants to buy a new laptop will definitely use that laptop for at least 2 years and some may be used for 3 to 4 years also.


So after buying your new laptop, if you use that laptop for the first year or 2 years, then the RAM and storage in your laptop are going to fill. And at that time if your laptop has dedicated slots for Extra RAM and Extra storage, then you can buy and use the extra RAM and storage for further 1 or 2 years.


And also some laptops are coming with great specifications, but less RAM and Storage at that time also you can purchase those laptops and upgrade the available options on your laptop. So try to choose extra slots for RAM and storage on your laptop.


10. Other Features

Not only the above features are enough, but also some minor and useful features are there to consider before buying a new laptop. They are given below.


Backlit Keyboard

The backlit keyboard can be very helpful for those who use the laptop for editing as well as professional works like typing, etc. The backlit keyboard may be helpful for those at night times.


Ethernet port

An Ethernet port is used to connect the laptop with your local wifi network (LAN), it is also useful to us to get connected to the internet through wires.


Fingerprint scanner

Fingerprint scanners are mainly helpful for security purposes and also we can unlock the laptop very easily and quickly.


Type-C ports

Type-C port is also useful to us because in every device we have a Type-C port available. So this Type-C port is helpful to connect with other devices very easily and quickly. And also this Type-C is invented for faster data transfers, so it may help you in transferring large files.





I think you have gained full knowledge about laptop buying guide 2022 by reading this article. If you consider all these things before buying a new laptop, then you will definitely get the best value-for-money laptop for your needs & purposes. If you still have any queries, then feel free to ask in the comments 🙂


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  1. What should I check before buying laptop?

    1. Processor
    2. RAM
    3. Storage
    4. GPU or Graphic Card
    5. Display
    6. Battery
    7. Build Quality
    8. Operating System
    9. Upgrading Options, etc.

  2. Which brand of laptop is most reliable?

    Still Apple MacBooks are most reliable laptops on the market.

  3. How much should I spend on a laptop?

    In India we can spend Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,00,000 for an Laptop.
    It's the correct price of an Good Laptop.

  4. Is Dell or HP laptops better?

    Both Dell and HP are Good brands with their own Authority, but Dell company is somewhat better than HP in some aspects.

  5. How do I choose a good performance laptop?

    The performance of any Laptop is based on 4 major things, are 
    1. Processor
    2. RAM
    3. Internal Storage
    4. Graphics Card

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