SmartWatch Buying Guide India 2021

What is a Smart Watch?

This is a modern world and we are developing at a rapid pace. Our world is inventing new things just to make our life easier and one of the things is the “Smartwatch”. Well, Google defines Smartwatches as a mobile device with a touchscreen display, designed to be worn on the wrist. 


It keeps you updated just with one click on the screen of your watch. You can check your messages, receive calls, track how fit you are, and even play music with the help of your smartwatch. Smartwatches will probably very soon take over the place of smartphones.


So in this article, we clarify all of your doubts regarding smartwatches, Let’s get into the complete smartwatch buying guide.


Why Do You Need a Smartwatch?

Well, as an Indian, we all have to answer this question to our family as well as to ourselves. This is the world of technology where new things are developing every day to make our lives easier. So, let’s check out why you need a smartwatch:


1. Notifications: 

Just imagine that you are in a meeting and can just feel your phone vibrating with notifications, but are not allowed to check your phone. Wouldn’t it be easier if the notification just popped on your wristwatch? Then you could easily check it without going for your phone. And you won’t look rude too in front of your colleagues at the meeting.


2. Surfing on the Internet: 

You can easily surf the internet or do dome online chores with just a few taps on the screen of your watch.


3. Travel: 

While traveling, the smartwatch can easily help you in displaying your boarding pass on the screen and help you get through airport security. Anything that makes the airport security process easier is a benefit.


4. To Answer Calls: 

Smartwatches have the feature of receiving or declining calls just by one click on the watch. It will be really helpful while you are driving or when your smartphone is not accessible.


5. Fitness: 

This generation is all about fitness and smartwatches help you in maintaining your goal towards fitness. To check the number of steps walked to the number of calories burnt, smartwatches keep track of them for you.


How Much Should You Spend on Smartwatches?

Well, it all comes down to the price of the smartwatches and how much you should spend. It all depends on the needs and requirements of the user. Let’s discuss more it:


1. Affordable: 

The affordable ones are mostly the fitness bands which usually come with small screens and come with a good battery life of about 2 weeks. It all comes with a very budget-friendly point of under Rs 200. It normally doesn’t come with a nice display and is not good for quick replies.


2. The Mid-Range: 

The Mid-Range smartwatches cost around Rs 600-2000. This type of Smartwatches usually comes with a built-in mic and speaker, display, GPS, MP3 storage, and a good battery. Its cons are that it doesn’t have standalone app support. These pseudo-smartwatches are like fitness bands with a few smart features and bodies.


3. The High-End: 

In the High-end, you can spend from Rs 4000 and above. The High-End watches are mostly built for enthusiasts. It has the cool features of Fitness functions, Build quality and good battery life.

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What Features Should We Look for in a Smartwatch?

smartwatch features

1. Make sure that the smartwatch you are about to buy will work with your smartphone. For example, Apple Watches only works with iPhones. Google’s Wear OS platform and Samsung’s Tizen watches will work with both Android phones and iPhones, but with fewer features than if you use them with Android devices.


2. Most people are fitness freaks, so make sure to buy a smartwatch that has the feature of a heart rate sensor and GPS (to track your runs).


3. Make sure to buy a smartwatch with good battery life. Analog smartwatches have good battery life but those aren’t a touchscreen. So, choose wisely.


4. Make sure that the smartwatch’s clasp or buckle is easy to use and easy to swap. And make sure that you can easily find the replacement bands.


How to Choose the Perfect Smartwatch for Yourself?

Smartwatches are a good investment if you choose the perfect one for yourself. But choosing a perfect smartwatch for yourself is not that easy. So, let’s discuss some points of how to choose a perfect smartwatch for yourself.


1. Make sure that the smartwatch you buy is compatible with your smartphone. If it’s not compatible then it’s just a waste of money. For example, an apple user will have to buy an apple watch.


2. Smartwatches come with software like WearOS (or Android Wear), which is Google’s creation. It comes with the features of Google Fit, Google Play, Maps, and Music from either Spotify or YouTube.


Whereas watchOS is exclusive for Apple users and allows the use of services like Siri, which allows you to dictate text, open apps, and control smart devices in much the same way as on your iPhone.


3. Ask yourself what type of smartwatch do you want or require? Do you require a hybrid smartwatch or a full smartwatch? Make sure that you are confident about your requirements and buy accordingly.


4. Smartwatches are all about their cool features and every smartwatch has different features depending on the brand and the price. So, make sure you know your required features about the smartwatches.


What are the Different Types of Smartwatches?

There are many types of smartwatches launched by brands in the market in terms of design, shapes, and sizes. Let’s check out the different types of smartwatches:


1. General Use Smartwatches: 

These types of watches are designed to be suitable for a wide range of occasions, from checking your notifications on your commute to listening to music during your daily run. Mostly the flagship devices from Apple and Samsung are considered general use smartwatches.


2. Fitness Focused Smartwatches: 

This generation is all about fitness and these types of watches are specially made and designed for fitness freaks. It helps in monitoring your workouts and tracking their overall health.


3. Budget Smartwatches: 

If you are a person who doesn’t want to waste a lot of money on smartwatches, then a budget smartwatch is perfect for you. It will cost Rs.5000 or less.


4. Luxury Smartwatches: 

These types of smartwatches are specially designed for enthusiasts. These types of smartwatches are designed for those looking to make a high-end fashion statement as well as having a useful gadget on their wrist.


5. GPS Smartwatches: 

These types of smartwatches are made for travelers like hikers, mountain climbers, and general outdoor enthusiasts. Its main purpose is to provide navigation and tracking.


6. Hybrid Smartwatches: 

These types of smartwatches have both the traditional analog as well as a processor, onboard sensors, and connectivity to communicate with your phone.  It helps you in tracking your workouts or your heart rate without the interaction with the face.


7. Smartwatches for Specific Sports: 

Smartwatches are even designed and made for sportsmen with specific sports. For example, there are golf smartwatches such as the Garmin Approach.

These often have course maps downloaded along with GPS to help you get around and automatic tracking of how many shots each hole takes.


Best Smartwatch Brands

Let’s discuss some of the best brands for Smartwatches:


1. Apple: 

I don’t think I need to tell you about this brand. It’s the best brand to date in all its products including the Smartwatches. Its best product for smartwatches to date is the Apple Watch Series 6.

apple watch 6

2. Samsung: 

Well, this is also a well-renowned brand in the market with a lot of followers. Samsung gives the best products including smartwatches.


3. Fitbit: 

It’s an American fitness company that produces activity trackers, smartwatches, wireless-enabled wearable technology devices that measure data such as the number of steps walked, heart rate, quality of sleep, steps climbed, and other personal metrics involved in fitness.


From Where Should You Buy the Smartwatch?

These days people prefer to buy electronic items online but you can go to the company stores near your house and purchase a smartwatch. If you want to buy online then you could either buy it from the main website of the brand or other online platforms like Amazon or Flipkart. 

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Well, this generation is all about technology and smartwatches are the future. I think after this article, you will have a piece of good knowledge about smartwatches and which one would be perfect for you. So, what are you waiting for? Go and purchase the perfect smartwatch for you!

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