Neckband Earphones Buying Guide 2021

Neckband Earphones Buying Guide

What are Neckband Earphones?

There are many types of earphones and one of them is the neckband earphone. Those are headphones with a short neckband that lay comfortably around your neck when you wear them. It’s wireless and works with the help of a Bluetooth transmitter and it has good battery life.


These types of earphones are trending these days and most people are found using these types of earphones. These types of earphones are becoming the obvious choice among all music lovers and fitness enthusiasts. Nowadays people prefer Neckband earphones because of their great battery life and are very convenient to use.


What are the types of Neckband Earphones?

Neckbands are divided based on the user’s usage. Let’s check it out:


1. Sports Activity Neckbands: 

These types of neckband earphones are specially made for athletes. It is sweatproof, water-resistant, has a battery life of a minimum of 6hrs, with better connectivity.


2. Pure Music Neckbands: 

Sony and JBL offer the best earphones for all music lovers. It’s very comfortable to wear as it’s light-weighed and has the best sound quality. They even offer a battery life of up to 20hrs.


3. Gaming Neckband Earphones: 

These types of neckband earphones are specially made for all the gamers out there. The specialty of this kind of earphone is that they have a very low latency which enhances the quality of the earphone. It even provides a long-serving battery. 

oneplus neckband earphones

Why Do We Need Neckband Earphones?

Earphones have evolved and now is the time for neckband earphones. It has the three main features that make it unique which are a unique combination and easy to use, great battery life, and some great in-built features. Let’s discuss more why you need to buy the Neckband earphones:


1. It’s There With You: 

The primary feature that makes it unique is that the neckband earphones are right there with you whenever you need them. Like other earphones, you don’t have to search for them in your bag or purse whenever you need them. And the best part is that you don’t need to connect them with the help of a connector, instead it is already connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth.


2. Cool Features of Neckband Earphones:

a. Active Noise Cancellation: 

We all want some privacy whenever we are busy working and what’s better than the noise cancellation feature. It is mostly found in the in-ears type of neckband earphones.


b. Convenient Controls: 

Do you remember having problems controlling the volume of your earphone or headphone? Well, in the neckband earphones, that’s not the problem. You will find the controls right beside your neck which is very easy to reach. You can now easily increase or decrease the volume, receive calls, and many more.


3. Great Battery Life: 

The battery life of a wireless earphone is very precious. A neckband earphone of a good brand can deliver up to 7.5hrs of continuous music listening between charges with active cancellation engaged, a staggering 12 hours of playtime if you don’t need noise-canceling, and as much as 220 hours of standby time.


How to Choose the Best Neckband Earphones for you?

There are many features to look for before buying a neckband earphone but let me tell you the 5 basic features which you must look for:


1. Battery Life: 

Neckband earphones are already wireless as it works on Bluetooth but if the battery life is not long-lasting, then there is no use of buying the earphone. So, make sure it offers you a good battery life of 8-10hrs.


2. Sweat-resistant: 

We all work out or exercise these days and we love to listen to some music while working out. But our sweat might damage the body of the earphones so make sure it is sweat resistant.


3. Comfort: 

The neckband earphones will be around your neck for hours so make sure you buy a lightweight earphone with a good quality body that would be comfortable to use.


4. Braided or Flat Cables: 

This is a complete user’s point of view of which type of cables they prefer in an earphone. So, make sure you know your choice before buying the earphone.


5. Noise Cancellation: 

Whenever we work or when we are on a plane while sleeping, we don’t want any disturbance from the background. And the noise cancellation feature is perfect for you so make sure they provide you with the noise cancellation feature.


Top 3 Brands For Neckband Earphones

1. Sony: 

Sony, known for its best quality electronic items especially headphones, earphones, speakers, televisions, and many more is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in Kōnan, Minato, Tokyo. Sony is known for its best bass experience and great music experience through its earphones and speakers.


2. OnePlus: 

OnePlus is a famous brand for its mobile phones and high-quality earphones, a Chinese consumer electronics manufacturer headquartered in Shenzhen, Guangdong province.


3. Realme: 

Realme is another successful company that has captured a huge market within a very less time. Realme offers some of the best Neckband earphones with the best bass quality and battery life.

realme neckband earphones


If you are planning to buy neckband earphones then follow the tips we have given through this Neckband Earphones buying guide and you will definitely find the better one.


Well, I hope this article helped you in choosing a perfect neckband earphone for yourself. Now go and purchase the perfect one for you. If you want to give any suggestions to the Tech Geek, then comment down below.

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