If you are using any smartphone with a normal  5W charger or 10W charger to charge your smartphone, then here are the 10 simple tips to increase mobile phone charging speed.


Every mobile phone battery must die in 1 or 2 days and then we recharge the mobiles to use them further.


In 2020 almost every smartphone brand is providing the fast charger in the mobile box, but some brands are not providing the fast charging for some midrange and budget mobiles.


These tips will improve the charging speed up to 30minutes, but not 1 hour. These 10 tips are useful to charge quickly, but they are not as efficient as 30W or 50W Fast Chargers.


These tips are only helpful to mainly those who are using the normal chargers for their smartphone charging and as well as some old phones also charge very slowly compared with new ones.


After using the mobile phone continuously for 1 year then the charging speed also reduces the mobiles.

So here are the 10 tips to increase mobile phone charging speed.

tips to increase the battery life of androide and iphones

1. Use Airplane Mode

Using Airplane Mode of mobile phone while charging will majorly help to improve the charging speed.


When we turn on airplane mode, then all the connectivity functions are temporarily stopped in our mobile phone.


If there is no connectivity in the mobiles, then the major strain on mobile hardware and software is reduced and this also helps to increase the charging speed of smartphones.


Then next if you are charging your smart phone turn on the Airplane mode and check the charging speed and then compare it with normal charging speed.

2. Use Original Charger

Using third party chargers damages the smartphone battery as well as the charging speed of the mobile also.


So try to use the original charger provided in the box or any other branded chargers in the market.


Using another brand chargers also reduces the charging speed, because each brand is using the different charging technologies for their smartphones.


And these charging technologies are a combination of both battery and hardware used in the mobile and Charger provided by the company.


If we change the charger with another brand’s fast charger designed by a different technology, then that charger cannot charge your smartphone battery as quickly as the original charger provided in the box.

3. Avoid Using Smartphones while Charging

Some heavy mobile phone users are using mobiles while charging also. 


If you have any urgent work or important calls to take on mobiles while charging, then you can use up to some extent.


But majorly they are using social media or gaming on the mobile while charging.

This will harm your smartphone battery life as slowdowns the charging speed also.


So try to avoid heavy usage on mobile phones while charging.

4. Turn off Location, Wifi, Bluetooth

We’ll use the WiFi, Bluetooth, and Location, etc in our smartphones only for a few hours only, but some of us always enable those features all the time and leave it.


This will also reduce the charging speed of your smartphone.


So try to turn off these features at least while charging your device to improve the charging speed of your smartphone.

5. Avoid Quick Recharges

Some of us are always charging their mobile or charging many times in a day within a 1 or 2 hours gap.


These quick recharges also reduce the charging speed and damage the battery life of your mobile phone.


So try to charge your mobile up to 2 to 3 times only in a day. Because the battery in any device has some number charging cycles, if we exceed that number then our battery becomes damaged, and charging speed also reduces.

6. Keep the Battery in Between 40% to 80%

Maintaining balance in every aspect makes it perfect, like that keeping the balance in battery charging also makes a big difference.


Trying to keep the battery percentage between 40% to 80% makes the battery life much longer.


So try to keep the battery life in between 40% to 80%.

7. Remove the Protective Case While Charging

We all are using the protective case for our mobile phone, in fact, nobody of us is using the smartphone without the back case.


These protective cases make more durability for our mobiles while they drop from our hands, etc.


But if we charge the mobile with its mobile protective case or back case, the heat dissipated from the mobile while charging cannot go to the surroundings because of the case.


If you use a very thin case for your mobile, then that will allow the heat to move into the surroundings.


Some of us are using very thick cases for protecting the mobiles, these thick protective cases reduce the charging speed of your mobile phone.

8. Avoid Overnight Charging

If you are a busy person then you cannot get time to charge your mobile in the day time, so you can charge the mobile while you sleep i.e., overnight charging.


Overnight charging cannot damage the mobile in a single day, but we daily charge our mobile overnight, then in the long term your smartphone battery will be easily damaged.


 So try to avoid the overnight charging of your smartphone or any other gadget.

9. Turn off Background Processing Apps

Turning off the background processing apps will not only improve the battery life but also increase the charging speed of your smartphone.


So try to turn off the background processing apps to improve the mobile phone charging speed.


10. Avoid third party Battery Saving Apps

Some of us are using third party battery-saving apps to increase the battery life, this is not true and also they don’t improve the battery life.


In fact, they reduce much more battery than the normal usage of your device. So try to avoid these third-party battery-saving apps to increase mobile phone charging speed.

increase mobile phone charging speed


If you follow the above mentioned 10 tips, then you will definitely notice the charging speed of your smartphone before and after applying the tips.

And also know about tips to increase battery life and battery backup of your mobile phones here


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