The Best Travel Devices and Accessories

6 Best Travel Devices and Accessories

Traveling is usually fun, but often some issues can negatively impact your overall experience. Issues like your phone constantly dying, or heavy luggage are just some of them. But being prepared with the most efficient travel devices and accessories can reduce the negatives.


Here are some of the best travel devices and accessories you can get.


1. MagSafe Battery Pack


Magsafe Battery Pack

This is a magnetic wireless power bank that charges your phone with a snap. The Magsafe Battery Pack is designed to easily stick behind your phone.


Though originally meant for iPhone 12 series, the power bank comes with a magnetic plate that lets it stick to the back of any smartphone. If you’re a fan of wireless charging, then you will love this one. Having no cable gives you the freedom to be able to charge anywhere comfortably.


And because the wireless power bank is lighter than most phones, you will be able to charge wirelessly while playing mobile games, texting, snapping photos, or using your GPS on the go. This battery pack is the best among travel devices.


2. Camera Glasses


Camera Glasses

The Spectacles 2 are amazing video taking and photo-snapping glasses created by Snapchat. It is an awesome travel device that saves you the stress of constantly pulling out your phone to use its camera. It’s waterproof and able to survive snowy conditions.


So you can dive into a pool party and record videos underwater. The Spectacles 2 also look more normal than the Spectacles 1, the older version. Normal is better because you wouldn’t look weird wearing the glasses. With a device like this, you never need to miss out on recording special views during your travels again.


3. GPS Watch


GPS Watch

Many people are afraid of getting stranded in a territory they aren’t familiar with. The GPS watch takes the fear out of traveling. Its multiple global network satellite systems will keep you from ever getting lost again. Though your smartphone has GPS, it usually consumes a lot of battery and causes overheating.


Using this watch takes the battery-draining task away from your phone. Its battery life can last up to 14 days. It’s also extremely durable in the toughest environments. This GPS watch takes the guesswork out of your journey.


4. Insect Repellent Shirt


Insect Repellent shirt

When traveling to regions with lots of mosquitoes, this shirt should project you. In some places, simply relaxing on the beach at night is a problem. You could get constantly harassed by flying or crawling insects. Most people would spend a lot of money on different insecticides which finish after a few uses.


But with this shirt, you no longer need to be constantly spraying yourself or your surroundings. It repels bugs like mosquitoes, ants, ticks, and many more. This one falls under travel accessories. The shirt maintains its repellent effect for up to 25 washes.


And it’s odorless, so there will be no issue of bad smell coming from the shirt. You will have to avoid dry cleaning it though.


5. Flexible Tripod


Flexible Tripod

Tripods are already a must-have for travel photographers. This is simply because taking excellent photos and videos sometimes requires no shaking movement caused by hand holding the camera. An issue with a regular tripod is that it may not be able to balance properly on uneven terrain.


This flexible tripod makes it possible to stabilize your camera on any terrain you can imagine. You’re even able to wrap it around a tree. This tripod also comes with a wireless remote which helps you capture yourself when there’s no one else to do it for you. You will be able to stand in front of some of the beautiful landscapes you find during your travels and capture it.


6. Traveling Tiny Iron


Traveling Tiny Iron

Travel luggage often gets ridiculously heavy. And sometimes carrying heavy bags and boxes can often take away from the experience of traveling. A minimalistic approach is to get rid of items that aren’t that important. But this isn’t the only option.


You could instead, find an extremely small version of that item. The item here is irons. Through normal-sized irons are already portable, the benefits of it being way smaller will create more space in your luggage bags. This mini iron is excellent for traveling with. It’s also small but mighty. It’s able to heat up just as much as a standard iron, regardless of its tiny size.


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