Choosing between Android Vs iOS is one of the major questions when we decided to buy a new premium mobile phone.

Android and iOS are operating systems (OS) of the mobile phones, tablets. Everyone knows about the iPhone OS and Android OS phones, both the operating systems are famous and both of them have their own style.

But Android is developed after iOS, So iOS has more credit than Android.

Apple was founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in 1976. They launched their first iPhone called apple product in 2007.

For iPhones, they developed iPhone OS or iOS to develop mobile applications. Later in 2008 Android was developed by Andy Rubin, it is the OS of Android phones.

Android is like open-source software, so in Android, we’ve numerous applications within the play store.

This Android is owned by Google. and that they provide the Android OS to all or any other mobile manufacturing companies.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the pros and cons of iOS vs Android.

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Apple iPhone Pros and Cons 2020

Pros of iOS:

1. Security

iOS is extremely famous for the safety they supply for the purchasers.

If you’re in a great position like the owner of a company, CEO, politician, Actor, Athlete, army, police, or the other superstar within the society, the iPhone is best for you in security. For your personal and business life.

Hacking iOS is extremely difficult.

2. Excellent spec’s

Apple doesn’t compromise in any aspect, they use the best quality materials for iPhone manufacturing.

They provide the best mobile SoC and great build quality, best cameras, best display, and security.

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3. Best software experience

iPhones give us the simplest software experience compared with Android phones and once we use the iOS then we always prefer iOS rather than Android mobiles.

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4. Software Updates

Apple releases the updates for all the iPhones at an equivalent time whether it’s an old mobile or recently launched mobile.

And that they can provide security patch updates and OS updates for an extended time on any iPhone. Because Apple products are less in number compared with Android mobiles.

Apple can provide software for updates for a minimum of 5 years for iPhones.

These are the major iOS pro’s over the Android OS.

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Cons of iOS:

Not only the benefits but we also some disadvantages ( Con’s ) of using iOS just like the

1. Apps for iOS are limited and it’s sort of closed source software. 

2. And in iOS, there are costly apps and no widget support. 

3. This iOS-only supports iPhones only. It’s not flexible for all mobile phones.

4. And in recent iPhones, they removed the touch ID. It’s one of the drawbacks of iPhones.

5. They do not provide any fast chargers within the box. within the future iPhones, we may even see the fast charging support.

6. Finally, the worth of the iPhone is extremely high compared with the other android phone with excellent specifications. 

 7. The design of iPhones has not varied much for the last 2 years.

Google Android Pros and Cons

Pros of Android OS:

1. Open-source software

Android OS is open-source software and that we can customize the android for our own purposes.

If you’re techy and always try something new with mobiles Android mobiles are best for you, for doing all of your research on mobile phones like changing the software and rooting the phone, etc.


2. Low Price

Compared with iPhones Android mobiles are at a very low price and that they give more options for you.

Numerous Android mobile making companies are present within the market, and therefore the customer has more choices to settle on the proper phone for them.

So everyone prefers Android phones compared with iPhones.

3. More options

So many mobile companies are manufacturing their mobile phones by using Android as their OS because it’s numerous users and is customizable to everyone.

And each mobile company uses their own custom ROMs during this android OS.

This is often something good and something bad for the purchasers.

In fact, Google stock and Android one is better than many of the Custom UI skins.

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4. Various mobile applications

It is like open source software so we’ve numerous app developers and a few creative persons want to make something new which is beneficial for the society.

So we’ve many options in mobile applications and games in android.

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Cons of Android:



1. Every mobile company optimizes the Android OS to varied custom UI’ is like oxygen OS, one UI, color OS, MIUI, Funtouch OS, etc.

And this customization makes it difficult for the user to use the Smartphone. and that they also enable the ads within the custom UIs.

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2. They do not provide the software updates properly, only the Android one mobiles get the updates very quickly.

And other companies don’t give security patch updates monthly, they supply this security patch update once every 2 or 3 months.

3. Easily hackable: Android mobile phones are good in security but professional hackers can easily hack the android phones compared with iPhone.

Using Android mobile is extremely simple and straight forward to use at a very low price.

My Verdict: Android vs iOS Pros and Cons

I think you will get full information about Android vs iOS pros and cons 2020 by reading this article.

And now you can easily choose between these 2 platforms for you and related persons also.

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