8 Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

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advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

While using mobiles, you have some advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones, and some of them are discussed below.


We all use mobile phones whenever and everybody uses their smartphones a minimum of 3 to 4 hours every single day.


Every product has some positives and negatives, so our mobile also has some advantages and drawbacks by using it.


So everyone should know what we will do with mobile phones and the way they’re useful to us and the way harmful they’re to humans. 


A number of the main advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones are given below


advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Advantages of mobile phones


1. Connecting with the planet

These mobiles are really connecting the planet by using the web and network connection.


What proportion distance we are from others, we will easily talk with them or message them through the mobile. 


And we know the recent updates within the world whenever. And we can know what is going on in the world about the news.


We can know everything on our mobile within seconds. We can connect with people all over the planet by calls, messages, Gmail, etc.


2. Best Learning and Earning platform

Today so many people are using mobile phones to find out the new course or any technical skills and knowledge useful to their career.


Many mobile applications like Coursera, Udemy, and many more are providing best-in-class courses.


Today YouTube became the most important learning platform for anyone. And we have a number of websites and apps for brand spanking new courses. 


So many universities are giving opportunities for students to find out new skills.


Mobiles aren’t only used for learning but also for earnings. We will earn money from numerous legit websites by using our skills.


And YouTube, websites, or blogging is best for earnings once you have the content. 


And once you have skills you’ll also earn by web designing, app development, freelancing, and a few other online jobs by using your mobile phone.


3. Entertainment

Mobile Phone is the best entertainment platform, we use them to watch movies, play games, or other social media for entertainment purposes.


And in today’s situation, more mobile users are spending their time on mobile phones for entertainment purposes like gaming, social media browsing, etc.



4. Camera

Many people are using mobile phones as camera devices to require pictures or to record videos and vlogs to store their memories.


This is helpful to many of the mobile users because carrying a DSLR wherever you go is difficult and mobile phones are always with us. 


So it’s useful for professionals and also for normal people to store their memories in pictures and videos.


And this smartphone camera performance is excellent performance within the flagship mobiles and also improved a lot in mid-range mobiles also.


5. Data transfer

By using mobile phones we can transfer the info very easily from one device to a different device by using the web. 


And also we can share our pictures, videos and many more to our friends and family members.


We can transfer documents, files, and a few paperwork through mobile phones once we are far away from people.


6. Alarm and remainder

We can use mobile phones for remainders for our work and tasks. And we can set an alarm and remainders daily to utilize the time correctly and efficiently. 


These reminders are very helpful to students and a few professionals to improve their productivity as well as utilizing their time well.


Because TIME is the most valuable thing in everyone’s life, so try to utilize every second of your life.


7. Storage

Mobile phones also are used as storage elements also. Because we want to store so many things digitally for that purpose mobile devices are the best choice.


We Can get 128GB or 256GB of internal storage in smartphones recently at the Price range of Rs 20,000 to Rs 30,000 also.


We can store our photos, videos, documents, files, and other useful information directly within the Smartphone without using any SD cards also.


8. Other Advantages

We’ve some other advantages of using mobile phones, some of them are torchlight, audio and video recorder, calculator, calendar, and a few other uses. 


We’ve numerous uses with mobile phones like when it’s an emergency we will inform through the mobiles and provide information to the others.


Disadvantages of using mobile phones


1. Distractions and Interruptions

Mobiles are the most distracting elements, they always disturb us once we focus on our work or studies.


The main reason for this distraction is social media or mobile addiction.


While we are doing our work, mobile notifications are very much disturbing us. And also these mobile notifications make so many interruptions in our work.


2. Minor health problems

By over usage of mobile phones, we have a chance to get some health problems like eyesight, headache, amnesia, stress, and a few brain diseases also. 


So take care while using mobile excessively and try to take breaks while using mobile phones for every 30 minutes.


3. Depreciation asset

Mobile phones are also a depreciation asset, which means once we invest money on mobile then the worth of that cash reduces day by day, and by maintaining the mobile we’ve to spend the cash for recharges, WiFi, etc.


So think twice before buying a new mobile phone, how much to spend money on a mobile phone.


Try to choose the mid-range mobiles for the best value for money. You can also read more about Mid-range Mobiles vs Flagship Mobiles.


4. Addiction

Over usage of mobile phones can cause addiction to the mobile and this is able to be very dangerous to us, numerous children are hooked into games and commit suicides and murders also in recent times.


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5. Other Disadvantages

We’ve some other disadvantages of using mobile phones also. Some of them are cybercrimes, hacking, etc.


So while using your mobile, be aware of these online scams and cybercrimes. In recent times these crimes are becoming more dangerous.


My Verdict: Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

Anything which is invented by humans is for fair purposes only and useful to us to live more comfortably, like that mobiles also are invented for good things only.


So try to use them in a proper way and try to utilize the advantages of mobile phones and take care of yourself.


Finally, It depends on us to use mobiles in a good manner or bad manner.

I think you can get full clarity on the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones by reading this article.


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