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Welcome to the Tech Geek official website!

Tech Geek is a Person, who always wants to know about technology & also shares that technology with you.


This  techgeek360.com  website gives you useful, contemporary, and innovative information about Latest Technologies and Technology related to Electronic Gadgets like Smartphones, Laptops, Computers, Televisions, Headsets, Smartwatches, etc.


And we share the buying guides and reviews of electronic products to help the common people to find the correct electronic products for their usage and purposes. This website is much helpful for those, who want to know about Technology and Gadgets in their day-to-day life.



“Quest For Tech Knowledge”

Our Mission is to be the ‘Quest For Tech Knowledge’. And to Provide the best & informative content about technology for every individual. And we want to give correct information about Tech to the common people. Because everyone needs to know about “what’s happening in this technological world”.


Our Story:

I am Naga Raju Gorla the Founder of Tech Geek. In February 2020, I started this website, to share my knowledge in Tech & Electronic gadgets to help the common man to live comfortably in this digital era.


I am (Raju Gorla) a VLSI Engineer, Tech Enthusiast, Blogger, Digital Marketer, Investor, & Solopreneur. As an Electronics & Communication Engineer, I learned so many things about electronics & still learning about various new technologies as well, and I want to share that information with you through this blog.


Presently I’m the keyword researcher, content writer, & marketer for this Tech Geek Blog. I manage all the operations on this website. And hire interns for making content.


That’s all about the Tech Geek Website’s Mission, Team & Purpose of the site. Thank You.