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Welcome to the Tech Geek official website – this site gives you the useful, contemporary, and innovative information about Technology and Gadgets, especially Mobile Phones. 

Tech Geek is a person who always wants to know about technology and also shares that technology with you.

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Our mission is to provide the best informative content about Technology and also provide correct information about Tech to the common people, because everyone must know about what is going on in the present technological World.


Raju Gorla

I am Raju Gorla – author and owner of Tech Geek website.

I’m from India and I’m a Tech Enthusiast and always learning about the Technology and Gadgets, and also provides the information I’ve learnt about Technology to you through this website.

Presently I’m an Engineering student in the Electronics and Communication department, so I want to share about these electronic gadgets and also Technology behind them.