5 Reasons behind the huge discounts in Amazon and Flipkart

Every one of us shops on e-commerce websites, but ‘do you know the Reasons Behind the Huge discounts in Amazon and Flipkart?’  If not? then you can know the reasons for their huge offers on many products by completely reading this article.


Amazon and Flipkart are the top e-commerce websites in today’s situation. And lots of more e-commerce websites like Snapdeal, Myntra, Paytm Mall, Alibaba express, Banggood, etc. All of them provide a huge discount on the products on their websites during festive seasons every year.


Flipkart as Big Billion Days and Amazon as Great Indian Festival. They provide discounts and offers on almost every product. Mainly they provide discounts on mobile phones, laptops, TVs, and on every electronic gadget, fashion, clothes, and home appliances, etc.


In the present day, everyone wants to shop for products from an online store rather than buying products from offline stores. Because of the low prices of the products within the online market compared with offline.


Everyone just buys these products but doesn’t believe the factors behind the large discounts. We will discuss those reasons and factors below.

reasons behind hugediscounts in amazon and flipkart

5 Major Reasons for Huge Offers in Amazon & Flipkart:


Reason #1

Their main motto is to use their service a minimum of once by all folks, then the buyers are comfortable to shop for the products from their websites then the purchasers always prefer online shopping rather than local shopping.


And this is often majorly affecting the offline stores and shops. Because the offline stores can’t give much discount just like the online stores. Therefore the offline stores are striking against web e-commerce websites like Amazon and Flipkart.


And a few offline sellers also combined these online shopping websites and sold their products through the web stores.


Online sellers will give some discounts on their products to urge more sales. At the start, it’s hard for the sellers but finally, they get more sales and eventually they get profits. Similarly, e-commerce websites also provide huge discounts for customer satisfaction.


While providing these discounts initially they get some losses but finally, they get huge profits within the future.


Reason #2

These sales are usually offered at the end of each year in September, October, and November months. These sales also are called stock clearance sales. During these sales, they gave major discounts on older products compared with discounts on new products to clear the old stock.


Because every product features a successor product next year but in recent times companies launch their products twice during a year, especially in mobile phones every company launched their new mobile within a 2 months gap.


For this reason, they also provide discounts on older products to clear the prevailing stock.


Reason #3

In these sales, they gave discounts that depend upon both the company (Flipkart or Amazon) and therefore the sellers who sell their products by using the websites (Flipkart or Amazon). In this case, both of them reduced their share of profit to some extent and gave us a discount on the actual products for customer satisfaction.


And we think that 10% off on credit cards or debit cards are paid by e-commerce websites, but this is often not true. These 10% or 15% discounts on credit & debit cards are payable by the banks themselves for patrons.


These discounts will stray to banks, not for the websites. and a few major brands reduce their product prices on their own. Some wholesalers also reduced the costs of their products on their own to urge more sales.


Reason #4

Last but not least these online shopping websites are reducing our time and giving comfort to us to shop for any product from home by using these websites. And these websites also are a barrier between sellers and buyers for exchanging products and money.


These e-commerce websites also buy their staff and delivery boys to figure for them. This online shopping also becomes a neighborhood of our life and everybody prefers buying products online rather than buying products from offline stores.


Especially mobiles and electronic gadgets are buying 80% from the web market then many offline mobile stores are closed. And now some mobile companies specialize in both online and offline stores for improving their business and also sellers.


Reason #5

To survive in the market and to compete with other e-commerce websites they provide many more discounts. Because online marketing and e-commerce are growing very rapidly in recent years, so every company (Major companies) is trying to remain in its place at the top of the e-commerce market share.


We have so many e-commerce stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Snapdeal, Ajio, Paytm Mall, Aliexpress, Banggood, etc.

online shopping

My Verdict:

Anyway, this is often always useful and helpful to the final user or buyer. Before the existence of these online stores, we did not have many options for all the products at very low prices.


The offline stores take more charges and not much giving huge discounts for the buyers, but after the success of Amazon and Flipkart huge within the market, offline stores also reduced their prices to some extent to compete with the web market.


And eventually, customers have more options and large discounts for purchasing new products. I hope you will get the basic knowledge about these huge discounts on Amazon and Flipkart.


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