These 10 Tips can improve your Laptop Battery Life!

One of the major problems with the laptop is its battery life, when the Laptop gets older the battery also drains very quickly. So here are some of the proven tips for improving the Laptop battery life.


If you follow these tips then you will definitely notice some difference in your laptop battery life, not much huge difference, but definitely improves your battery life than ever. Following these tips for a long time makes a clear difference between your laptop battery performance.


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1. Use Minimum Brightness Level

The display brightness level is one of the main reasons for heavy battery consumption for a laptop or smartphone. Without a display, we can’t do anything on a laptop or smartphone, using a display will automatically reduce the battery percentage. So try to use it in a proper way.


display settings in laptop

If you use the laptop at a low brightness level, then you can see an improvement in your laptop battery life.


When the surroundings are so bright, then we can use the high brightness levels, but the surroundings are dark, then reducing the brightness level makes sense. By adjusting the screen brightness levels according to our purpose and surroundings makes some difference in laptop battery life.


2. Disable Unused Apps & Softwares

So many applications, software, and programs are there on our laptop, some are preinstalled and some of them are installed by ourselves. Try to uninstall the unused apps and software from your laptop, and some pre-installed apps are not possible for uninstallation from your laptop, so disable them.


task manager in laptop

Also disable the apps and software in background processes, by managing them in the task manager.


3. SSD is better over HDD for Battery Life

SSD makes a difference in speed as well as battery life also. Using SSD in Laptop has many advantages compared with HDD, but the price of SSD is much more than HDD.


Using an SSD in our computers and laptops makes some difference in battery life. Because HDD drive is a mechanical disk i.e., it is always rotating when we are using the laptop, but SSD is very small as well as it doesn’t make any sound, it is in Solid State. So try to buy a laptop with SSD rather than HDD storage, because it can easily outperform HDD.


4. Turn on Wifi, Bluetooth, Location only when Necessary 

We always use WiFi when we are using a Laptop. And some laptops came with a LAN port or Ethernet port, so using Ethernet makes a small difference in battery life.


Also, we rarely use Bluetooth and Location in our Laptops, so try to turn off the Bluetooth, location, and WiFi when they are not in use. Because using them reduces much more battery life. To improve your laptop battery life, then Turn off them when it’s possible.


5. Use Battery Saver

Using battery saver mode in our laptop also makes some difference in laptop battery life. The battery saver is given by the Windows itself, so we can use it without any doubt. Not use any third-party battery-saving apps for your laptop, then don’t save any battery life.


battery setttings in a laptop

Battery saver mode is automatically turned on when our battery percentage level goes to 20% or we can adjust in battery settings. So if you want some extra battery life then use this battery saver mode on your laptop.


6. Clean the Storage & RAM

Cleaning the Storage drives and RAM makes a boost in our laptop performance as well as battery life also. Because more applications and software use more battery life, so uninstalling them makes sense. Cleaning up our Laptop RAM makes some difference in performance and battery life also. So try to try to remove the unwanted files, programs, and pictures on your laptop.


7. Use Speakers at Low Volume

Using the speakers at high volume also reduces the battery life of laptops, because the speaker is a mechanical thing so it consumes power when it is in use.


speaker settings in laptop

So try to use headphones or earphones while you always use your laptop for streaming and watching. Or if you do not use your laptop much for streaming then reduce the speaker volume to improve the battery life of your laptop.


8. Reduce Over usage of Laptop

Using heavily any device can damage the device in the long run, so try to use any device within its limit. Similarly using the laptop heavily for gaming, editing, and some high-end tasks in a normal laptop can damage it, if you are a heavy user then choose a gaming laptop for you.


Using laptops heavily reduces the battery life of a laptop, because of heating. If any laptop is heated then the internals is struggling for performance, due to this battery life also reduces.


9. Reduce the usage of External Devices & Ports

We connect so many external devices and ports for a laptop for our convenience and usage purposes. So try to remove them, when you don’t use them. Many external devices like mouse, keyboards, pen drives, and many more connecting to our laptops. To improve the battery life of your laptop disconnect them when they are not in use.


10.Upgrade the old Components

Reduces the components of life in any device by becoming old or aged. Any device or component has some age limits, if it crosses the average age, then we notice the lack of performance in it. Similarly, using a laptop for years and years with the same internals also reduces performance and battery life.


When the components are too much aged then try to upgrade them with new parts to improve the battery life and performance of your laptop.

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